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"Carla recently spoke at our Smart Savvy LeaderLounge and made a tremendous impact. Carla was a crowd favourite! I'd highly recommend her without hesitation as a facilitator or speaker. Carla will undoubtedly exceed your expectations."

Beth Dotolo & Carolina GentryBeth Dotolo & Carolina GentryPrincipal Interior Designers

"Since working with ALL Strategy, our revenue tripled and our staff has doubled. We have a clear road map for the next 10+ years of our business that we are excited about working strategically with ALL Strategy to achieve!"

Claire BoothClaire BoothOwner & President

"Carla galvanized my team through her high energy personality.  A year later and we still talk about the time we spent with her at our retreat.  I loved how she treated everyone, regardless of title, as a totally equal player.  We are a much tighter team because of her."

"This is a coaching program unlike most others in that it is specifically tailored to each individual's needs. It allowed me utilize my natural abilities and attributes and work them into my every day business activities."

Alex PinoAlex PinoBroker

"My Strategist has a wealth of knowledge and brings effective solutions in a timely manner,  knowing how to direct the resources to get the best out of my business."

"My Strategist always comes across genuine and real, providing real-time solutions and strategies, to help propel my business to the next level."

"If you are stuck, not sure what to do or most of all how to do it. Call them. Consider the job done!!"

Jackie Adkins & Dean InnesJackie Adkins & Dean InnesLeading Sales Representative

"From the moment we started working with ALL Strategy, our Strategist began implementing structured processes with us and daily tasks that kept us accountable and on track. As the months passed and our production increased, we were on target for our set goals and we have not only exceeded our set production goals for the year, but also increased our annual income by 47% over last year! Thanks for everything…we will continue to sing your praises and look forward to being able to confidently refer additional clients your way."

“Thank you ALL Strategy for your engaging presentation you gave to our office.  You have outlined a process to deal with the humanness of a Realtor and their Clients to enhance success.”

“Starting out with a great deal of skepticism, it has been incredibly surprising to watch my business revitalized, my revenue soar and my systems formalize through my work with ALL Strategy. Clarifying my values and focusing on communicating “how I do it” more effectively has changed how I look at every opportunity and make each decision in my business. Plus it has meant more leads that have turned into amazing clients just because I am who I say I am. I am so glad I went for it!”

"I was impressed by how much I learned in only two hours, and the tools I walked away with are now a valuable addition to my team-building toolkit. For an organization looking to take a team approach to hiring, or one that wants to build understanding and effective communication between existing team members, ALL Strategy will help solve immediate needs as well as provide a framework for building healthier, more effective and self-aware teams."

Devon Dunn & Jordan MaxeyDevon Dunn & Jordan MaxeyOwners & Principal Planners

“Acknowledging the value we bring to our clients and adjusting our packages, communication systems, and profit margins with ALL Strategy has transformed our business and moved us to the next level of success.
Working with our Strategist to create a partnership agreement allowed us to understand what we each needed in order for us to grow our company together.”


Tara LandesTara LandesPresident

“The annual planning session facilitated by ALL Strategy was excellent value. Being management consultants ourselves, it is hard to find someone who we both trust to keep confidentiality and deliver on a facilitation that we couldn’t just do ourselves. ALL Strategy [insert Carla Wood if you prefer] delivered on both fronts with aplomb! What differentiated the approach was the time invested on the front end to get to know each of the individual players and customize the program so that we came out with a strategy we could execute on – no slide decks on the shelf for these guys! Thanks for the efforts!"

“Working with ALL Strategy over the past year and a half has definitely been a big part of my success to date in increasing my companies revenue by over 50% since starting with you but also to help me stay true to my core values. You’ve helped me see things in my company that I would have not likely caught otherwise, and you’ve really helped me think outside the box with different ideas on how to grow a successful company with various marketing ideas.”

“Carla Wood worked with us to develop a customized workshop and webinar combination based on our audience, event objectives and longterm business development strategy. Feedback was tremendous from attendees and the strategic advice shared for preparation and follow up from the event continues to generate results for our business.”

“I was able to cast a vision for my longterm lifestyle and business goals, and Carla helped me see some immediate ways to shift my business model to move me in that direction – and it actually happened!”