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Carla Wood

Carla Wood, MBA, MSRE

Founder, Speaker & Strategist of ALL Strategy, Carla is a recognized voice in business strategy and relational leadership. Her expertise is in service-based businesses and she has built this cutting edge enterprise on the principles she leads her clients in developing. She made her own company her test case.

We love it when fun quotes can make astute business observations.  Like this one:

“Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are getting weak?”

It’s funny because it’s true.  Everyone presses harder on the remote when the batteries start to weaken.  What this fun question can be … Read More

How do you know if it is the right time to invest more purposefully in achieving your longterm business objectives? Crossing the large divide from ‘later’ to ‘now’ can be a daunting decision when it comes to hiring external support from a strategist, coach or consultant.  Far too often, business … Read More

As service providers, the client experience is ultimately the measure of your business success.  The greatest marketing campaign of all time will only sustain a business so long if the client experience is poor, or even inconsistent with the marketing message.  So even if your team is wanting to focus … Read More

At ALL Strategy one of our core philosophies is “Great leaders are always purposeful in the giving of resources”.  As an organization, we aim to live that philosophy out internally with our team members, with our clients, with our Generosity Alliances, and … Read More

Creating a great connection is a skill that will transform the success of your sales process.  It begins with something as simple as answering the phone.  We at ALL Strategy have the privilege of working with business leaders across North America, which means, we spend a LOT of time on … Read More

We at ALL Strategy are 100% paperless. Our entire company is cloud-based. As a result, our team can work across the continent with virtually no lost time, and total flexibility to share information with one another. It is exciting and compelling to build systems using new technology and increase productivity … Read More

I discovered decades ago that I was a bit odd. Why? Because I thrive on change. I love it. I seek it out. And as it turns out, that is atypical behaviour. For most people, change is a difficult and often painful process. One that causes angst simply by anticipating … Read More

People often ask me how we can provide such incredible statistics in terms of the success of our client’s experience. My answer is that we hedge our bets by only taking on successful clients. It is said tongue and cheek, but in essence, there is truth in this statement. Our … Read More

Blending in can feel safe, but being lost in a crowd is never a good thing.  Over the years it has amazed me how many business leaders are unable to articulate their business value from the value of their competition.  In service businesses, what I hear most often, is that … Read More

When you are running a business, there are endless responsibilities and tasks to accomplish.  For many, the only solution to managing it all is multi-tasking.  Even those with strong teams, to whom much is delegated, still are finding ways to respond to emails between meetings, review documents while trying to … Read More

Networking is something I mainly see people do badly.  I don’t mean people lack social skills – most people I meet at cocktail parties are having a great time.   But most professionals lack the combination of strategy, generosity, intentionality and follow up that generates revenue from networking.  By improving in … Read More

Remember your teenage self?  If you could sit down with him or her now, what would be the first 3 things you would tell your younger self in the hopes that life had run a bit more smoothly since then?

If your retired self came to visit you now, he or … Read More