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Carla Wood

Carla Wood, MBA, MSRE

Founder, Speaker & Strategist of ALL Strategy, Carla is a recognized voice in business strategy and relational leadership. Her expertise is in service-based businesses and she has built this cutting edge enterprise on the principles she leads her clients in developing. She made her own company her test case.

Productivity can be a polarizing term.  For some it is energizing to think about how much can be accomplished in a set period of time.  For others, the pressure of producing can become debilitating.  The reality, however, is that no business is successful without some measure of productivity.  The reason … Read More

I sincerely believe effective leadership and humility are inextricably linked.  As a Business Alliance Organization that works with service-based businesses to integrate strategy into the day-to-day solutions of their operations, sales, HR, marketing, finance and most of all team engagement and leadership, we prioritize redefining leadership impact, and that involves … Read More