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Leadership Encouragement in the Midst of Change

Carla Wood, our Founder, inspires business leaders, clients and past clients to take control and look to the future in the midst of the global crisis.

Leadership Encouragement in the Midst of Change

As a business strategist, I am constantly connecting with business leaders across Canada and the U.S. to stay current on business trends and to collaborate with colleagues and clients I deeply value.

In the midst of the current global crisis, as I have been reaching out I have discovered that some leaders are leaning in to the rapidly changing realities of their industry and trying to adapt. Others are uncertain what to do next and are waiting before taking action. And a third group is trying to ignore the changing landscape and attempting to continue doing business as usual.

It was from speaking with this array of leaders that I felt compelled to record this brief video yesterday afternoon. It’s a 9 minute leadership encouragement in the midst of change. I recorded it with the intention of sending it to a few specific clients, past clients, colleagues and leaders I believe in.

In the spirit of sharing and supporting anyone looking for support, I have decided to share the video letter to those I know and value, here on our website so that others may also hear this message. So feel free to share this post with others, or reach out and book a remote coffee with me if you want to learn more about how to move your business forward in these unique and uncertain times.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be present but think longterm. Let your character be refined and your reputation elevated as others watch how you as a business leader to our new global reality.

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