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Terminating an employee is never easy, even if you know it’s the right decision. It’s often a traumatic experience for the person being let go, and guilt-inducing for the person initiating the conversation. But termination can be handled with genuine compassion. As ... Read More
December 1, 2017ALL Strategy


How do you respond to these questions when you look at your business? How clear am I on my strengths and weaknesses, and how they impact my work? How effective do I think I am as a leader? How much of my ... Read More
July 21, 2017ALL Strategy
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When you’re overworked and stressed out by the demands of entrepreneurship, or whether business is slow and you’re anxious about making the next sale, it’s easy to believe the adage: ‘The sooner you hire help, the easier your life will become.’ But it’s not always true. Sometimes, bringing ... Read More
March 24, 2017ALL Strategy